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To kick off our “Trickle-treat” beer festival which features beers from the legendary Oakham brewery & also 20+ vodka’s to celebrate 100th anniversary of Russia’s revolution, We will be having an evening of Russian inspired food..

2 courses £13
To start..
Borscht – Beef & beetroot soup, lightly spiced &
topped with sour cream
Knish – Baked pastries stuffed with potato, minced beef,
onions & cheese
Golubtsy – Shredded spiced pork wrapped in cabbage &
steamed in a tomato broth with optional sour cream topping
To proceed..
Zharkoe – Russian beef stew served with sweet & sour cabbage
& crusty bread
Traditional beef stroganoff – Sautéed beef in a rich creamy sauce on a bed of fluffy rice
Shaped mushroom cutlets – Seasoned rice, onion & mushrooms shaped & tossed in flour before pan fried & served on a bed of sweet & sour cabbage
Fish Au Gratin – White fish fillets baked in a creamy cheese sauce , with a mushroom & potato crisp top
To complete..
Plushki – Warm cinnamon pastries served with Morozheno, a Russian vanilla ice cream
Sharlotka – Russian apple cake served with cream
White Russian cupcake – A boozy cupcake topped with caramel vodka butter icing
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