Trickle-Treat festival vodka list –

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Russia’s Revolution we though we would include some of Russia’s finest vodka’s to our optics along with some other super special one’s!! All these vodka’s will feature alongside our Oakham ales beer festival which is sure to tempt “you all in for the BOO’S” !! Thursday 26th – Sunday 29th October 2017

  1. Beluga transatlantic racing vodka
  2. Belenkaya
  3. Blood Shot spiced
  4. Black cow pure milk vodka
  5. Zubrowka
  6. Ciroc pineapple
  7. Sipsmiths
  8. Naga chilli
  9. Thunder toffee
  10. Stolichnaya original
  11. Russian standard
  12. Tito’s
  13. Chase original
  14. Chase Marmalade
  15. Chase Rhubarb
  16. Grey Goose
  17. Smirnoff Gold Glitter
  18. Belvedere pink grapefruit
  19. 42 Below
  20. Krupnik old honey vodka

Have a bit of fun with our Russian Roulette vodka board, spin the wheel to determine your fate 4 shots for £10